Girls Junior Varsity Water Polo, Girls Varsity Water Polo · Girls’ water polo falls short against Walnut HS



On Nov. 29, the girls’ water polo team succumbed to Walnut HS with a final score of 10-14.

At the start of the game, the girls were down 4-10.  In the third quarter, the girls made a comeback of 12-9, and eventually lost 10-14.

During the game, the three plays that mostly impacted the girls’ comeback were when Head Coach Leonard Canchola called three consecutive time-outs. After each time-out, the team ran a new play and managed to score.

Captain Kaitlin Howard (12) says that lack of defense mainly resulted in the team’s defeat.

“We did not have our entire team and [were not] able to close down the other team’s set. We, need to work more on our defense for the next game by practicing man-down defense. This is crucial, because it gives the other team an opportunity to have an open man (6 vs 5) and score, which is not what we want,” Howard said.

Amanda Modesto (12) says that although the girls lost, she is proud of their work ethic.

“I think we lost because we weren’t in shape, but we did well because we still made somewhat of a comeback towards the end. We never gave up and fought till the end,” Modesto said.

For this game, the girls prepared by having numerous scrimmages on the weekends. This year, the girls started their season early so that they could get in more swimming and conditioning time. For conditioning, they swim one to two miles, tread chairs and practice shooting.

Despite the team’s defeat, the players continue to have a strong mindset.

“Our mentality before the game was that we were going to win, but we were all very nervous for our first game. After the game, we felt down-hearted but didn’t dwell on it. We have had only had one practice with the full team, and it is only the beginning of season,” Howard said.

Modesto says that the players need to improve by conditioning more and building confidence.

“Physically, [we need to practice] more by working on our arms and legs and having more land practices. This includes weight-lifting and squats. Mentally, we need to have the mentality that we can win and encourage our other team members,” Modesto said.

The next game will be home on Dec. 8th against California HS at 3:15 p.m.